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First GameMay 10, 2012 @ 7:00pm

First Pitch: Jeremy Litton w/ cannon

First WinGreg Sowards (Beaver Fever), 05/10/2012

First LossJeremy Litton (Terrorhawks), 05/10/2012

First SaveZach Daniels, 05/15/2012

First Shutout: Greg Sowards vs Terrorhawks, 05/10/2012

First Perfect GameJosh Hager vs Pink Penguins, 04/02/2013

First No-HitterJosh Berletich vs Terrorhawks, 05/14/2012

First HitGreg Sowards, 05/10/2012

First Double: Greg Sowards, 05/15/2012

First Triple: Greg Sowards, 05/15/2012

First Home Run: Greg Sowards, 05/15/2012

First Strikeout: Mikie Saxton, 05/15/2012

First Strikeout Thrown: Josh Smith, 05/15/2012

First BB: Josh Smith, 05/15/2012


First Female PlayerChristy Saxton (2012)

First Expansion Team: Pink Penguins (2013)

First Team JerseyTerrorhawks (April 2013)

First All-Star Game: May 20, 2014
First Championship: July 19, 2012 (Beaver Fever def. Honey Badgers)

First Live-Steamed Game

First Podcast Episode: Aug 13, 2013


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