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Ep. 34: Down The River

Date of Production: 11.28.2017

Running Time: 54:30

Guest(s): Jim Bryant

Anthony subs in for Andrew to help Josh interview commissioner of the Greater Cincinnati Wiffleball League, Jim Bryant. We get to know Jim, his league, and his thoughts on the NWLA Tournament and his plans for 2018.

Ep. 33: Halloween 3.0

Date of Production: 10.30.2017

Running Time: 48:49

Guest(s): none

The boys discuss the lackluster turnout of the most recent Hallowiffle, have some fun with zombie players, and ponder who would be killed first in a horror movie. It's a scary good episode.

Ep. 32: The 32bit Episode

Date of Production: 10/22/2017

Running Time: 48:49

Guest(s): Patrick Rayl, Greg Sowards, Jeremy Ray, Jeremy Litton, & Nick Kappra

Josh is joined by nearly every cohost to ever be on the show and special guest, Nick Kappra. They discuss players of the past, the best one-and-done franchises in league history, and play a league trivia drinking game called Calling Your Shot. It's an episode to remember!

Ep. 31: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Date of Production: 09.14.2017

Running Time: 01:02:32

Guest(s): Tim Wiltjer

Josh and Anthony talk to Tim Wiltjer of LWA about the successes of his young league and the state of wiffleball overall nationawide.

Ep. 30: Deja Vu and Memories

Date of Production: 09.09.2017

Running Time: 51:32

Guests: none

Anthony Stidham hosts another episode (with Josh Smith co-hosting) for episode 30! This time the guys recap the 2017 season and discuss the Amy For Africa Tournament in Ashland, KY and look ahead to Hallowiffle III. Episode 31 will feature special guest Tim Wiltjer (commissioner of Leroy Wiffle Association). Tim will be the first guest in a series of off-season non-league guests we'll be doing in the fall/winter months.

Ep. 29: First Class Hall of Fame

Date of Production: 09.01.2017

Running Time: 59:59

Guests: Josh Smith & Greg Sowards

Anthony hosts this episode solo (a podcast first) with guests Josh Smith & Greg Sowards to commemorate both of them being inducted into the HWL Hall of Fame. They were unanimously voted into the first class by the committee and Anthony conducts in-depth interviews with them both about their careers and memories in wiffleball for the past 15 years.

Ep. 28: Stuck In A Moment

Date of Production: 06.27.2017

Running Time: 59:51

Guest(s): Greg Sowards, Jeremy Litton, & Brice Clark

Josh Smith and Jeremy Ray are joined by surprise guests Greg Sowards and Jeremy Litton (later by Brice Clark) to discuss our team's performance in the NWLA Regional Qualifier in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Some hot takes here!

Ep. 27: Men, Myths & Legends

Date of Production: 06.12.2017

Running Time: 54:44

Guest(s): Drew McClanahan

Josh is joined by Jeremy and Anthony in a discussion about some of the league's biggest legends and list who they would put on the first ballot of the HWL Hall of Fame. Their guest is the infamous Drew McClanahan and they hit him with some big questions. Interview begins around the 15:50 mark.

Ep. 26: NWLA Regionals Preview

Date of Production: 06.02.2017

Running Time: 42.17

Guest(s): Jeremy Ray

Josh and Anthony discuss the NWLA Regionals with Jeremy Ray. Josh catches listeners up with the league's history with this event and all three of them delve into whether or not Saved By The Balls will have what it takes to qualify for Morenci, MI. 

Ep. 25: Switching Gears

Date of Production: 05.12.2017

Running Time: 51:32

Guests: Andrew Westcott

Josh Smith is joined by brand new co-host Anthony Stidham. They recap the April Fast-Pitch Tournament and make some predictions for the May Slow-Pitch Tournament. Joining them is first-time guest Andrew Westcott (captain of first place Saved By The Balls), interview begins at 16:40 mark.

Ep. 24: Welcome To The Draft Era

Date of Production: 04.21.2017

Running Time: 47:48

Guests: Patrick Rayl & Anthony Stidham

Josh Smith and Jeremy Ray recap the draft results with guests Patrick Rayl and Anthony Stidham. The draft brings the league to a new and exciting milestone and this leads to lots of discussion of shocking picks and predicting where the teams will finish at the end of the year. Patrick also reminds us how the points system works that we use to determine the season champion and the guys discuss some rules changes.

Ep. 23: Under New Management

Date of Production: 04.13.2017

Running Time: 47:31

Guests: Brice Clark

Josh Smith and Jeremy Ray shake off the rust and record their first episode since July...and they have a lot to talk about. The league has new leadership, among them is guest - Brice Clark. There's also an upcoming player draft and NWLA Regional chatter. Great first episode for 2017.

Ep. 22: The Home Stretch

Date of Production: 07.14.2016

Running Time: 48:40

Guests: Anthony Stidham, Ian Handy, & Josh Blair

Josh and Greg reunite and catch listeners up on the NWLA Regionals. They also chat considerably about the team we are taking to the London Wiffleball Tournament and interview Anthony Stidham (Make Wiffleball Great Again), Josh Blair (Bawlarinas), and Ian Handy (Smokin' Bases).

Ep. 21: Catch Up, If You Can

Date of Production: 06.29.2016

Running Time: 51:53

Guests: Jeremy Ray & Brice Clark

Josh hosts another solo podcast catching listeners up on the past two months of the HWL season. He covers the May and June Tournaments and interviews Jeremy Ray and Brice Clark over the phone and takes listener questions.

Ep. 20: Hello, Wiffle World

Date of Production: 04.15.2016

Running Time: 58:51

Guest: Jeremy Ray

Josh and Jeremy welcome Greg Sowards back to the podcast. As promised, they pick up from where episode 19 left off with the fantasy all-time bracket of franchises to simulate who they think is the best team to have ever played in the league. They also get Jeremy Ray's input in an interview. And Jeremy Litton interviews his tour guide while abroad in Greece and Italy.

Ep. 19: Southern Comfort

Date of Production: 04.08.2016

Running Time: 25:13

Guest: Tyler Kowalcyck

Josh Smith hosts this episode solo (a HWL podcast first) and talks about the March Preseason Tournament results and the fantasy historical bracket that will be discussed on the next episode. He also chats with Tyler Kowalcyck (Carolina Wiffleball League) around the 7:45 minute mark.

Ep. 18: Barely Legal

Date of Production: 02/05/2016

Running Time: 50:31

Guest: N/A

The guys persevere in this episode without Greg to discuss further details of the new format. They look ahead to the indoor tournament hosted by Carolina Wiffle League and announce event dates for Hallowiffle and the April tournament. They address common questions and Litton moderates a 10 round debate between Patrick and Josh (complete with personal attacks). Fun fact: this is the first episode of the podcast that doesn't feature a guest. 

Ep. 17: #NewYearNewLeague

Date of Production: 01/10/2016

Running Time: 54:01

Guest: Jeremy Ray

The guys catch up after a few months of no episodes and there's loads to talk about! The rules committee had been meeting for months behind closed doors to discuss the talent cap system only to decide to go an entirely different direction. In this episode they discuss the tournament format that Patrick pitched and weigh the pros and cons. 

Ep. 16: Playoff Preview (16bit)

Date of Production: 06.11.2015

Running Time: 01:15:57

Guest: Jeremy Ray

Josh Smith and Jeremy Litton are joined by Cy Wiffle winner Jeremy Ray for playoff preview and fun with 16bit sounds. They also announce which players won awards, discuss variables for the talent cap system, and have a phone interview with ,co-captain of Sit On My Base, Patrick Rayl. Also, they look ahead to the four teams the league is sending to the London Wiffleball Tournament.

Ep. 15: On Location @ All-Star Game

Date of Production: 05.28.2015

Running Time: 57:09

Guest: Ronnie Canterbury

Fresh after the All-Star festivities the guys gather around to discuss how teams progressed through the first half of the season and how they think they will do as we push to the playoffs. They predict who may win what awards and discuss why we will not be playing at the NWLA Tournament.

Ep. 14: 2014 Season Preview

Date of Production: 03.15.2015

Running Time: 32:00

Guest: Ronnie Canturbury

The guys welcome back Patrick Rayl as a guest host and rank the seven teams set to participate in the 2015 season. They also discuss some big rule changes announced/voted on at the winter meeting last month. Then they interview Chicken & Wiffles captain, Ronnie Canterbury.

Ep. 13: The Offseason

Date of Production: 01.09.2015

Running Time: 1:08:00

Guest: Paul Hesson

Josh and Greg discuss the off season with producer Jeremy Litton and interview Paul Hesson about his off-season plans and thoughts on the 2014 season as well as feelings on being part of the reigning champion team. Then the guys have timed arguments for or against certain rule changes that will be decided by the league rules committee before the start of the 2015 season.

Ep. 12: Fall Ball Preview

Date of Production: 09.20.2014

Running Time: 1:04:00

Guests: Patrick Rayl, & Andy Hill

Josh and Greg are joined by producer Jeremy Litton and guests Patrick Rayl & Andy Hill. A lot of beer was consumed and the result was a tangent filled podcast full of wild turns (including one about yoga pants) as they discuss the 2014 NWLA Tournament, previewing Fall Ball, and possible off-season rule changes.

Ep. 11: Season 3 Finale

Date of Production: 07.15.2014

Running Time: 39:31

Guests: Patrick Rayl, Zach Blatt, & Brian Ball

Josh, Jeremy, & Greg are joined by special guest host Patrick Rayl discuss the 2014 HWL Championship. The guys also respond to naysayers who have HWL Brew Jays picked for last in the NWLA Tournament Power Rankings. They also discuss the finer points of MarioKart64 with Brian Ball and look ahead to Columbus with Zach Blatt.

Ep. 10: The Tenth Episode

Date of Production: 06.21.2014

Running Time: 56:31

Guests: Jeremy Ray, Andrew Westcott, & Kevin Chattin

Josh and Jeremy get together to discuss the first ever all-star game & the winding down of the regular season while looking forward to the playoffs and the 3rd Annual NWLA Tournament. This episode features an on-field interview with Sit On My Base who have dominated the Jewel City Division this year.

Ep. 9: Halfway Check Point

Date of Production: 05.30.2014

Running Time: 52:03

Guests: Steven Adkins, Ronnie Canterbury, Justin Fairman, & Tim Wilson-Byrne

After returning from a Pink Floyd laser show the guys discuss the first half of the season, best pitchers in the league, the all-star game, NWLA tournament preparations and look toward the second half of the season.

Ep. 8: The 8bit Episode

Date of Production: 04.16.2014

Running Time: 41:09

Guests: Ryan Pritt & Nick Scala

The guys get you up to speed on what's been happening so far in the regular season. They discuss their low power ranking for the 2014 NWLA tournament, predict who will win Week 3 matchups, and interview captains of the 1st place Breaking Balls: Ryan Pritt and Nick Scala.

Ep. 7: Inside The CWBC

Date of production: 03.15.2014

Running Time: 51:04

Guests: Aaron Torchio & Kevin Haynes

Josh Smith and Jeremy Litton (sans Greg Sowards) discuss expectations for Spring Training and interview guests Aaron Torchio and Kevin Haynes of the Cincinnati Wiffle Ball Club via-telephone.

Ep. 6: In The Wake of the Winter Meeting

Date of production: 2.11.2014

Running Time: 37:28

Guests: James Clagg & Randy Steele

Greg, Josh, & Jeremy discuss what happened at the Winter Meeting and look to the 2014 season. Guests were unable to make it so the guys make some bold predictions on where they thing teams will end up in the standings.

Ep. 5: The Decision

Date of production: 1.17.2014

Running Time: 1:10:55

Guest: Josh Berletich & Arielle Hord

Greg and Josh (along with producer Jeremy Litton) interview Josh Berletich and Arielle Hord of the Honey Badgers to determine whether or not they will participate in the 2014 season. We also chat with Arielle about a woman's perspective on the league. And we reflect on how far wiffleball has come in West Virginia in the past 10 years.

Ep. 4: #2Coffees1Cup

Date of production: 12.21.2013

Running Time: 56:52

Guests: Carl Coffee & Nick Coffee

Greg, Josh, and Jeremy (producer) are joined by Carl and Nick Coffee of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (WSEM) for a podcast to remember. We ask Carl and Nick about the origins of the Downriver Wiffle League and WSEM. Carl and Nick also give their insight on whether or not the HWL should use yellow bats in 2014.

Ep. 3: Get Beat

Date of production: 11.18.2013

Running Time: 35:47

Guests: Patrick Rayl & Jacob Dunkle

Greg and Josh share the mic with guest host Jeremy Litton and interview Patrick Rayl and Jacob Dunkle of the Pitch Slappers. The Slappers have practiced for several weeks after Fall Ball wrapped up and look to be a team that may surprise the league with their improved talents.

Ep. 3 Extra Innings: Yellow Bat Dilemma

Date of production: 11.18.2013

Running Time: 49:10

Guests: Patrick Rayl & Jacob Dunkle

Greg, Josh, and Jeremy discuss the never ending dilemma to decide if the league will convert to a yellow bat playing format or not with insightful guests Patrick Rayl and Jacob Dunkle.

Ep. 2: Winning...It's the BagTag Way

Date of production: 10.03.2013

Running Time: 27:31

Guests: Brandon Woolum & Zach Blatt

Josh and Greg are back after taking a break from podcasting in September due to the league being busy with Fall Ball. In this episode they analyze the ins and outs of the Fall Ball season, let us know what happened in the Battle Royale, and look forward to the 2014 season with super-early power rankings.

Ep. 1: The View From The Bottom

Date of production: 8.13.2013

Running Time: 39:43

Guests: Jeremy Litton

Josh Smith and Greg Sowards kick off the league's maiden voyage with a brand new podcast. They discuss everything from thoughts on the post-season to all aspects from the 2013 regular season as a whole. With them is special guest Jeremy Litton. Jeremy was the team captain for the Welfare Warriors who finished the season with a 2-22 record and promptly disbanded after being eliminated in the playoffs. Jeremy lets us know his side of the story of how his trials of keeping a team together that was doomed to fail.

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